Bridget Trogden

Associate Professor and Director of Research that Reaches Out (QEP)

BA, Transylvania University
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Member of Mercer University faculty since 2005

Contact:; 478.301.2753

Current scientific research project - Examining the endocrine function of adipose.
Generally, we think of fat tissue (adipose) in a negative light.  However, adipose is an important regulator of cellular homeostasis - maintaining optimal body temperature, metabolizing sex hormones, and maintaining fed and hungry states.  In particular, the hormone leptin is released from adipose and interacts with various other cellular mediators.  These cellular interactions are not entirely understood, and are the focus of our research.
Good research always has applications.  In studying leptin and adipose, we aim to understand how cellular metabolism can affect phenotype.  In particular, there is a segment of the population that is technically overweight, but is metabolically healthy, whereas another population is at an optimal weight,but is metabolically unhealthy.  By studying the molecular interactions of leptin, as relating to adipose, we seek to contribute to the body of scientific information that helps individuals to make informed decisions about their lives and their health.