Programs of Study

bratcherinclassRequirements for a Major in the Roberts Department of Christianity

A major in Christianity consists of a minimum of 30 semester hours, including the following (all courses are three hours unless noted otherwise):

1. CHR 101 and 150 (considered prerequisite courses for all courses numbered 200 and above)

2. CHR 250, which the department strongly advises to be taken in the sophomore year

3. four courses to be taken from the following:
a. one course in biblical studies, chosen from CHR 302, 305, 310, 315, 380, or an appropriate 410
b. one course in historical studies, chosen from CHR 210, 270, or an appropriate 410
c. one course in theological studies, chosen from CHR 300, 320, 325, or an appropriate 410
d. one course in ethical studies, chosen from CHR 330, 335, 363, or an appropriate 410.    

4. two colloquia:
a. CHR 385: Junior Colloquium (one hour)
b. CHR 485: Senior Colloquium (two hours)

5. six additional hours in the department

A major must have a minimum of 18 hours in courses numbered 300 and above.

Requirements for a Minor in the Roberts Department of Christianity

A minor consists of 15 semester hours, including CHR 101 (Old Testament) and CHR 150 (New Testament) and nine additional semester hours, six of which must be numbered 300 or above.