Integrative Core Curriculum

Integration of Knowledge Domains

At Mercer, we want our students to graduate with more than just a diploma. We want you to be a citizen of the world! The integrative track serves to provide a foundation for this transformative education. Students take a series of interdisciplinary courses in the first, second, and third year:

As truly interdisciplinary courses, students will be able to read classical and contemporary texts; view and discuss works of art, film, and poetry; explore perspectives from the social sciences; interact with how data from the natural sciences shapes our ideas; and learn the skill of writing for a 21st century world.

Venn Diagram

In addition to the 3 interdisciplinary courses, the Integrative Core Curriculum also includes traditional disciplinary courses. Students get to choose one course in each of these 7 blocks.  One of these courses is taken as a writing-instructive course during the second semester of the first year so that all first-year students have a full year of writing instruction.

  • Foreign Language
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • The Natural World
  • Western Heritage
  • Religious Heritage
  • Creative Expression
  • Human Behavior and Society

This blended interdisciplinary and disciplinary approach helps to create the well-rounded, ethically informed student that is a hallmark of a Mercer education.

Dr. Andy Digh, INT 101 Director, presents Austin Harrison, CLA '16, with the very first Integrative Inquiry Award given to the single student who best embodies Mercer's transformative education after having completed all three INT courses.

Dr. Margaret Symington, INT 201 Director, recognizes two of the eight 2016 Spirit of INT Award recipients, Chelsea Whittington and Jonathan Erickson, who embraced the spirit of integrative inquiry.