Integrative Program

StudentsAt Mercer, we want our students to graduate with more than just a diploma. We want you to be a citizen of the world! To provide this type of transformative education, students will take a series of interdisciplinary courses in the first, second, and third year. These courses cover topics such as:

  • Understanding Self and Others (INT 101) – taken in the first semester of the first year
  • Building Community (INT 201) – taken in the second year
  • and Engaging the World (INT 301) – taken in the third year.

As truly interdisciplinary courses, students will be able to read texts from literature and the humanities; view and discuss works of art, film and poetry; read important texts from the social sciences; interact with how data from the natural sciences shapes our ideas; and learn to write complete and polished texts for a variety of audiences and purposes.

The Engaged First-Year Student: INT 101 or GBK 101

As the term “integrated” implies, first-year students do not take individual courses on writing or speech, but rather, will take an interdisciplinary Understanding Self and Others course. (This may be taken as part of the Great Books Program). These are small seminar courses, with the student: faculty ratio limited to 18:1. The courses will explore a variety of subtopics. For example, you may find yourself engaged in the topic of “What does it mean to be a human?” by reading Frankenstein, delving into the ancient Chauvet cave paintings, examining your own DNA profile, reading studies by Jane Goodall, volunteering with Hospice, and researching and writing a story from your family history.



INT 201: The Engaged Second-Year Student

INT 301: The Engaged Third-Year Student