Integrative Core Curriculum

Integration of Knowledge Domains

At Mercer, we want our students to graduate with more than just a diploma. We want you to be a citizen of the world! The integrative track serves to provide a foundation for this transformative education. Students take a series of interdisciplinary courses in the first, second, and third year:

As truly interdisciplinary courses, students will be able to read classical and contemporary texts; view and discuss works of art, film, and poetry; explore perspectives from the social sciences; interact with how data from the natural sciences shapes our ideas; and learn the skill of writing for a 21st century world.

In addition to the 3 interdisciplinary courses, the Integrative Core Curriculum also includes traditional disciplinary courses. Students get to choose one course in each of these 7 blocks.  One of these courses is taken as a writing-instructive course during the second semester of the first year so that all first-year students have a full year of writing instruction.

  • Foreign Language
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • The Natural World
  • Western Heritage
  • Religious Heritage
  • Creative Expression
  • Human Behavior and Society

This blended interdisciplinary and disciplinary approach helps to create the well-rounded, ethically informed student that is a hallmark of a Mercer education.




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