Engaged Learning

Undergraduate Research

Engaged learning long has been embedded in Mercer University’s culture, positioning students to take hold of their educational potential. Independent discovery through research, scholarship and creative activity is increasingly framing Mercer students’ experiences. Translating the process of inquiry across all disciplines, from the natural and social sciences to arts and humanities, Mercer is realizing its strength in educating today’s students for tomorrow’s innovative discoveries.

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Mercer Abroad - Your Passport to the World

Mercer provides students with many opportunities to engage the world, integrating global learning through almost every aspect of a student's general education and disciplines. Global events shape our local lives and Mercer’s programs reflect that reality. At Mercer, study abroad or study away (a domestic experience) is more than an educational requirement. It's even more than a summer term or semester away. Mercer Abroad is holistic experiential learning. Mercer Abroad equips you to make a difference in the twenty-first century through your profession and service.

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Mercer On Mission

Lives are being transformed through Mercer On Mission — the lives of Mercer students and the lives of those they serve in Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and around the globe. Mercer On Mission is a unique blend of study abroad and service-learning that provides life-changing experiences for students through academic instruction, cultural immersion, meaningful service, and spiritual reflection.

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Service Learning

The College of Liberal Arts encourages Mercer students to commit to living as engaged and informed citizens. This intention is reflected in the offering of service-learning courses that include civic engagement as an important component of the learning experience.

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Most people pursue internships after their sophomore year.  Many employers are interested in your grade point average, your choice of major, your career goals, and others things you've been involved in since you started college.  Many internships are for the summer.  Others can be done during the academic year.

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Competitive Academic Teams

Debate • Model UN • Binary Bears

The Binary Bears are the university's premier computer programming team. The group meets weekly and practices for various competitions around the country. 

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