ANT 250: Becoming Chinese: Self and Society(3 hours)

This course introduces students to Chinese thought about selfhood and society.The course will examine some broad foundations for Chinese thinking about the self and others from the perspectives of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoist writing.Through the exploration of such themes as holism, aesthetics, rationality, the relational self, and ancestor worship, the course will explore Chinese conceptions of self-in-society. (Every Two Years)


GEO 313: East Asia in Regional Context: China, Japan, and the Koreas(3 hours)

The course examines modern developments in East Asia, namely China, Japan, and the Koreas.Major themes include urbanization; sub-regions and urban systems; political history, industrialization, migration, socio-ecological systems, and national relationships with globalization. Specific attention will be given to space, place, and culture throughout each theme. (Every Three Years)