Minor Requirements

( 23 credit hours)

  1. CHN 111 and 112
  2. Five additional courses from the following; ANT 250, ART 368, CHN 251, 252, 253S, 353S, CHR 356, ENS 340, GEO 313, PHI 247, or PHY 108. An approved Asian study abroad experiencecan be used to fulfill 3 hours of the Asian Studies minor. At least six hours of the minor must be at the 300 level. Students are encouraged to take advantage of Mercer's Chinese Language and Culture Study Abroad Program at Nanjing University.EXEMPTION from Mandarin Chinese Language Requirement: Students who can demonstrate fluency in Mandarin Chinese (written and spoken), or other recognized Asian or South Asian languages, can waive all or part of this requirement. In lieu of Chinese language courses, exempted students must still take a total of seven (7) courses in the minor.