ANT Courses

ANT 101 (3 hours)/ANT 101R (4 hours). Introduction to General Anthropology

Prerequisite for ANT 101R: C or better in INT 101 or GBK 101.

The study of the evolution of humans and culture including the dawn of civilization, race and culture; also primitive culture and society (food gathering, art, religion, language, the family, social classes, clothing and ornament, etc.) Attention is also given to the American culture configuration, human behavior in cross cultural perspective, and the field of culture and personality. The four-hour, R-designated course satisfies the writing instruction (WRT) requirement. (Every semester)


ANT 198. Special Introductory Topics in Anthropology: (Subtitle) (3 hours)

Study of an introductory topic in Anthropology not covered in any of the departmental offerings. This course may be applied to the Anthropology minor. (Occasionally)


ANT 250. Becoming Chinese: Self and Society (3 hours)

This course introduces students to Chinese thought about selfhood and society. The course will examine some broad foundations for Chinese thinking about the self and others from the perspectives of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoist writing. Through the exploration of such themes as holism, aesthetics, rationality, the relational self, and ancestor worship, the course will explore Chinese conceptions of self-in-society. (Every Two Years)


ANT 310. Medical Anthropology (3 hours)

(Same as GHS 310)

Prerequisite: GHS 200 and ANT 101, or instructor permission.

An anthropological and cross-cultural approach to understanding lived experiences of disease, sociocultural factors which influence health and well-being, and differing forms of healing practice. Course case studies will demonstrate sociocultural, biocultural, and critical approaches to medical anthropology. (Every two years)


ANT 350. Cultural Anthropology (3 hours)

Prerequisite: ANT 101.

An analysis of the cultural areas of the world with in-depth studies of cultures within each of these areas, including the way the cultures were before contact with Western civilization and the effect of this contact on the cultures. (Every year)


ANT 352. Cultures of the Americas (3 hours)

Prerequisite: ANT 101.

An exploration of the migration and first inhabitants of the “New World” and of the cultures which they developed in relative isolation. Their cosmologies, social organization, modes of subsistence, rituals and art will be studied. We will also examine their legacy which remains with us today. Field trips included. (Every two years)


ANT 354. Cultural Archaeology (3 hours)

Prerequisite: ANT 101.

The study of extinct cultures using artifactual remains. The data gathering techniques of excavation, labeling, and dating are demonstrated. Prevailing models of interpretation are reviewed, and the notion of cultural process is explored. Field trips are required. (Every two years)


ANT 356. Archaeology of the Goddess (3 hours)

Prerequisite: ANT 101.

An examination of the existence of feminine deity through evidence offered by the pre-historical archaeological record and origin mythologies. The dynamics of cultural change are explored in tracing the rise of patriarchal religion. (Every two years)


ANT 361. Archaeology and Religion (3 hours)

(Same as REL 361)

Prerequisite: ANT 101 and permission of the instructor.

This course is designed to introduce students to: (1) the study of archaeology, (2) the study of religion(s) in a particular region and period(s), and (3) the integration of the study of archaeology and religion. Students will study the theories, objectives, methods, records, and conclusions of modern archaeology. They will also learn how to apply these elements of archeology to the study of a particular region. They will also study various aspects of a specific religion or groups of religions in the designated region, especially as that study is informed by the investigation of archaeological remains. This course may involve archaeological field work and may be offered on-site in another location (e.g. Greece). (Occasionally)


ANT 382. Biological Anthropology (3 credits)

(Same as BIO 382)

Prerequisite: ANT 101 or consent of instructor.

This lecture-based course represents an advanced introduction to the sub-discipline of Biological Anthropology. The discussion will focus on the biological aspects of humans and our closest living relatives, the primates. Specifically the course will include content on biological evolution, a review of living primates and a study of the extensive fossil evidence for human evolution. The course will conclude with a review of modern human variation and the fallibility of the human race concept. (Every two years)


ANT 390. Special Topics in Anthropology: (Subtitle) (1-3 hours)

Prerequisite: ANT 101 and consent of instructor.

A study of some significant topic in anthropology that is not available through other departmental course offerings. (Occasionally)


ANT 490. Internship in Anthropology (1-3 hours)

Prerequisites: ANT 101 and junior or senior status.

An intensive practicum experience at an approved business, organization, or academic institution. Senior-level students, under the direction of a faculty member and an on-site supervisor, are required to engage in projects or assignments requiring at least three on- site hours per week for every hour of credit. Students will learn through observation, regular discussions with the on-site supervisor and Mercer faculty member, and written reflection. In addition, students may be required to attend training events, workshops or weekly seminars. This course may be repeated for a total of 3 hours and counts towards a minor in Anthropology. Graded S/U. (Every semester)