GDS Major Requirements

(53 semester credit hours- fulfills the CLA Additional Depth of Understanding requirement)


1. REQUIRED CORE: (24 hrs)

ANT 101 (or GEO 111), GHS 200, IAF 253, GDS 200, ECN 150 (ECN 151), STA 126, IGS 301 and CHN, FRE, GER, or SPN 251.


2. Electives (21 hrs)- minimum of 4 GDS courses

ECN 432, ECN 438, ECN 441, GDS 215, GDS 301, GDS 302, GDS 303, GDS 304, GDS 305, GDS 306, GDS 307, GDS 390, GDS 391, IGS 380, MGT 363, POL 312, POL/WGS 314, POL 356.


3. Experiential: Students must complete at least two of the following experiences: (i) A study abroad experience; (ii) International Service-Learning through Mercer on Mission or similar programs; (iii) Internship, domestic or abroad; (iv) academic research to present at an academic conference, on or off the campus; (v) field research abroad; (vi) collaborate with a faculty member on a research project; (vii) join a Mercer team that competes in conferences on innovations in global development work; (viii) participate in at least one simulation conference like Model United Nations, Model World Health Organization, or Model Arab League.