Eimad Houry

Chair of Department, Professor
Mercer University
Department of International & Global Studies
1400 Coleman Avenue
Macon, GA 31207

Contact Information
Phone: 478-301-2793

Teaching & Research Interests:
International Relations and Comparative Politics
Economic Development and Middle East Political Economy

Courses I created, developed and taught at Mercer:
Introduction to Political Theory | Politics of the Middle East | Politics of Developing     Countries | International Political Economy | Principles of International Law | Special TOpics: Islam and Politics | Women in Developing Countries | Special Topics: Understanding Islam | Senior Capstone: Human Prospects in a World of Scarcity | Senior Seminar in Political Science | Model Arab League/Model United Nations Course | Special Topics: Arabic Language and Cultures | Current Events Colloquium | Honors Seminar: How Soccer Explains the World! | Post-Aparthied Transitions in South African | Engaging the World | Senior Research Design | Senior Project | Religious Extremmism and Conflict Resolution

Other Courses Taught at Mercer 
Freshman Seminary Program (FSP) | Scientific Inquiry | University 101 | Senior Capstone: Causes of War | Introduction to Political Science | Introduction to International Relations | West European Political Systems | International Conflict and Security | Politics of Communist States | Comparative Communist Systems | Independent Research Supervised | Supervised Independent Reading.

Study Abroad Trips
Summer in Costa Rica, 2003 | Study Abroad Tour of Morocco, 2004 | Study Abroad Tour of the UK, France and Belgium, 2006 | Faculty-led Study Abroad to Dubai: 2009, 2011, 2013-2017 | Mercer on Mission to South Africa: 2008, 10, 12, 14, and 16 | Mercer on Mission to Georgia, Summer 2017.

Administrative Positions
Pre-Law Advisor |, Mercer University, 1998-2006 | Director of International Affairs Programs, 2000-Present | Director of Global Embassador Program, 2007-Present | Director of Integrative Studies, Engaging the World, 2011-2015 | Chairman, Department of Political Science, 1992-2012 | Chairman, Internatinal and Global Studies Department, 2012-Present