Global Development Studies (GDS)

At its most basic level, international development is about improving the quality of life. At its core is addressing human security, conditions, resources, trends and organizations that influence the degree to which people are able to enjoy a prosperous, healthy, productive and fulfilling life. Development studies is a multi-disciplinary field of study that examines aa wide range of issues: foreign aid, poverty alleviation methods such as social entrepreneurship, and the provision of basic services such health, education, security and nutrition. Students who select this major have a variety of career options, from working with non-governmental organizations that focus on a specific challenge, to governmental and intergovernmental agencies that coordinate and provide humanitarian services and empowerment programs. This major constitutes the very definition of what it means to “change the world;” every course and every experience is oriented towards the ultimate goal of raising the standard of living across the globe.


Collectively, these requirements are intended to meet the objectives and competency areas describe below:

1. Intercultural understanding

2. Global citizenship and civic engagement

3. Leading in a global context

Global Health Students