Career Opportunities

Just some of the many careers in public health:

  • Health Policy and Management
  • Epidemiology
  • Behavioral Science and Health Education
  • Health Communications
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Environmental Health Sciences
  • International and Global Health
  • Public Health Preparedness and Function
  • Oral Health
  • Family Health

Legislative Policy Advisor: Provide useful health-related analysis to elected officials to help shape legislation and reflect their constituents' concerns.

State Epidemiologist: Become a disease detective and track an outbreak as it occurs, in order to mount resources for a swift and effective response.

Behavioral Scientist: Research how to effectively encourage people to take steps to live a healthier life, and work within the community to accomplish these goals.

Health Journalist: Translate health research for a popular audience by writing engaging articles and books.

Federal Environmentalist: Work with government agencies and community groups to solve health problems emerging from human interaction with our biological, chemical, and physical environment.

Tropical Disease Specialist: Focus on improving disease surveillance in less developed countries and tracking tropical diseases from Ebola to Leishmaniasis.

Public Health Lawyer: Get involved in shaping and upholding laws that promote and protect public health, from seat belt legislation to laws governing acceptable levels of toxins in water reservoirs.