International Affairs (IAF)

International Affairs (IAF) is an interdisciplinary major designed to provide Mercer students with the basic tools and information required to develop an appreciation for an increasingly interdependent and complex global environment. All courses in this program have an international focus with emphasis on the interplay between domestic and international conditions. This major would allow students to: gain an understanding about, and appreciation for, other cultures and global issues, actors and trends; prepare for international careers or graduate specialized training in international studies; enrich the Mercer experience and curriculum by emphasizing international issues.

IAF embraces complementary and inter-related disciplines. The field provides training in languages and concepts, which help explain, and equip students to compete in a an increasingly inter-connected and diverse global reality. Students explore issues of power, conflict, diplomacy, arms control, terrorism, developmental politics, civil society, foreign policy, humanitarian aid, public health, ecological challenges,creative approaches to social justice missions, and the international political economy, just to offer a sample of the range of exciting issues covered in the major.

The skills that an IAF major develops are equally diverse: Students develop practical skills such as the ability to conceive and design research projects, critically analyze and evaluate information from a variety of sources, and having the functional competency to use a foreign language.

IAF students develop skills in problem-solving and conflict resolution and the ability to weigh arguments and to sift material. Written and verbal skills are necessary to present and discuss your opinions and conclusions in essays and seminars. All of these are qualities which are much valued by prospective employers; in addition, your understanding of complex political and cultural issues, often in changing environments, can also be highly relevant to the world of work.

Study, Service and internship Abroad

One of the most exciting benefits of the IAF program is the opportunity to live abroad for an extensive period of time. Students can take advantage of a variety of opportunities to study, work or volunteer overseas during the academic calendar or over the summer months.


Students at a Mercer on Mission Trip to South Africa with Professors Eimad Houry and Mary Alice Morgan

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Graduate Studies

Most IAF graduates pursue advanced degree immediately or soon after they complete their undergraduate degree. In fact, on the whole 77% of graduates with an IAF degree from Mercer have completed or are currently in the process of pursuing at least a master's degree both in the US and abroad. Here's a sample of institutions IAF graduates have joined:

US: American, Denver, George Washington, Florida State, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Georgia State, Johns Hopkins, Mercer Law, Univ. of Georgia Law.

ABROAD: Bond Univ. (Australia), Univ. of Edinburgh (Scotland); Kent Univ. (England), London School of Economics, Maastricht Institute (Holland); Warwick University (England).


Dr. Eimad Houry
Chair International and Global Studies


 Students at an Arab League Event with Professor Eimad Houry

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