Robert Good

dr goodAssociate Professor of History, Department Chair
Ph.D., McGill University
M.A., University of Wisconsin - Madison

Langdale Hall 308
(478) 301- 5605

Research Interests

Modern France, European intellectual history


HIS 325 Revolution and its Legacy in France
HIS 395 Studies in Historiography
HIS 324 Sub­-Saharan Africa to Independence
HIS 318 Twentieth Century Europe
HIS 110 Essentials of Western Civilization

Professor Good studies the writings and household of the once­ prominent French thinker, Alfred Foullée (1838­-1912), and is exploring several related questions:

  • Does Foullée's early Platonism contradict or somehow explain his invention of the idée­-force, a concept as modern as his Platonism was ancient?
  • What hopes and ideas unified Foullée's vast and diverse oeuvre?
  • How did Foullée's wife, who wrote widely ­read school primers as G. Bruno, and her son, the gifted philosopher­-poet Jean­-Marie Guyau, affect Foullée's life and thought?