Student Resources

Why Mathematics?

We all know that mathematics is just plain fun, but why else should you study mathematics? Check out these resources for some answers.

Student Research

Are you interested in working on some research in mathematics? Many professors have projects for students to work on, or we can help you with something that you are interested in already! Please stop by and ask us. Here are some ongoing or recent projects?

Alumni Updates

What are Mercer Math Alumni up to these days? Here are a few updates: Want to see more? Are you a recent math alum? If so, join our Facebook group. Our group name is "Mercer University Math Alumni". We'd love to hear from you!

Study Help

Need a little extra help? Here are a few resources that might be useful.


What is calculator and books do I buy? What classes are offered? What do I need to do to become a math teacher? These answers and more can be found here.

Mathematics Placement

Your advisor will use your math index score to help you chose an appropriate mathematics course. However, you may take a placement test to place into a different level course. Information about the placement test can be found here.