Mathematics Education

Are you interested in teaching high school mathematics? Great! Here is some information that may be useful to you. However, please remember that you are bound by the catalogue that was in effect when you began at Mercer. Consult your catalog and your advisor for more details. The requirements below come from the 2009-2010 catalogue.

Mathematics Requirements

  • You must complete a mathematics major. Please see the Math Major Requirements.
  • Must complete MAT 320: Introduction to Probability and Statistics (offered every Spring, prereq MAT 192)
  • Must complete MAT 350: College Geometry (offered every two years, prereq MAT 340)
  • Recommend completion of MAT 225: Topics in Discrete Mathematics (offered every term, prereq MAT 191)
  • Students should notify their advisor and contact the secondary education advisor in the Tift College of Education.

Education Requirements

Please aquire a copy of the "Teacher Education Handbook" as soon as the decision is made to pursue certification.

  • Professional and Pedagogical Studies: EDUC 210, 220, 256, 283, 357, 398, 399, 485, 406, 492
  • Content Related Studies: EDUC 469, 456, 476
  • Admission to Teacher Education Program (see catalogue for full description)
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.5
    • C or better (first time) in FYS 101 & FYS 102
    • C or better (first time) in Math courses
    • C or better (first time) in completed education courses
    • Pass GACE Basic Skills tests (there are ways to exempt this qualification based on SAT, ACT, GRE, and other test scores)
    • Declared a math major and intent to seek Secondary Education Teacher Certification
    • Submit application for admission to Teacher Cadidacy prior to registering for any 300 or 400 level EDUC classes
    • Attend Teacher Education Orientation Session
  • Students must meet the expectations outlined in the Progression Policy (see catalogue for full description)
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better
    • GPA of 2.75 or better in all EDUC required courses and Math major courses
    • C or better (no more than 2 repeats) in all EDUC courses
    • Positive recommendations from field experiences
    • Complete all coursework in MAT and EDUC before student teaching
  • Students must complete the Certification Requirements (see catalogue for full description)
    • Met all of the criteria above
    • Positive student teaching recommendations
    • Complete mathematics degree
    • Complete portfolio requirements
    • Successfully complete GACE content test(s)
    • Meet state requirements for certification