Placement Test

Placement: Entering Mercer students are placed into their mathematics courses based on their math index score. This score is based on SAT scores, ACT scores, and high school GPA. We have found this placement system to be effective at assigning students to courses that allow them to be successful. Your placement will be one of the following:

  • Category 1: Prepared for MAT 095 - College Algebra (for those who need a calculus course OR who must demonstrate that they are calc ready), MAT 104 - Mathematical Ideas (a fun course that exposes you to a variety of interesting mathematical concepts), and PHI 180 - Logic and Language
  • Category 2: Prepared for MAT 133 - Precalculus (for those who need a calculus course OR who must demonstrate that they are calc ready), STA 126 - Introduction to Statistics and CSC 204 - Programming [Also prepared for any courses in Category 1]
  • Category 3: Prepared for MAT 191 - Calculus 1 [And any courses in Categories 1 & 2]

Changing Placement: If you have placed into Category 3 (Calculus 1) but feel you are missing background knowledge and are unprepared, you may take a lower level course. If you have AP credit for Calculus 1 and/or Calculus 2, you are encouraged to take the next course rather than repeating a course you have already mastered.

If you do not have a math index score or if you believe that your placement does not represent your true knowledge, you may take a math placement exam to move to a higher category. The exam is given during the summer orientation sessions and during Bear Beginnings (in August). You may only take this exam ONE time. You may bring paper and paper to use. Please see your orientation or Bear Beginnings packet for information about the location and times of this exam.


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