Military Science (ROTC)

The Mercer University ROTC program was activated in 1947. Today the program commissions officers into one of the 16 basic U. S. Army branches and into the Active Army, U.S. Army Reserve and the Army National Guard. With military science instruction and associated activities, ROTC courses, open to all students as electives and without obligation, aim to develop leadership and managerial potential, provide an understanding of the requirements and organization for national security and instill a strong sense of personal integrity and individual responsibility.

ROTC Scholarship benefits:

  • Full tuition
  • Mercer University offers free room and board to ROTC scholarship cadets
  • Provides $1200 annually for books
  • Spending stipend of $300-$500 a month, based on year group
  • 8 year commitment in the U.S. Army.  Service obligation can be served in the National Guard, Army Reserve, or on Active Duty.

How to apply:

Why Army ROTC?

Aside from offering a scholarship that pays for school and also pays you a monthly spending stipend, Army ROTC offers you an opportunity for adventure.  Whether you seek a scholarship or just want to participate in the program for college credit, Army ROTC can be an amazing experience for people from all walks of life.  And yes, scholarship Cadets can jump out of planes. Additionally, our program seeks to:

  • Sharpen leadership skills that will benefit you throughout your life.
  • Build self-confidence in working as a leader and a team member.
  • Gain skills in time management, organization and decision making.
  • Develop discipline in physical fitness and endurance.
  • Share in the commitment of service to our nation.