Dr. Jarred R. Jenkins (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, 2015, Jenkins_JR@Mercer.edu, 301-2973) holds the position of Assistant Professor of Psychology, and his specialty area is animal behavior and cognition. He teaches Introduction to Psychology, Biopsychology, Psychology of Learning, Research Methods & Statistics, Animal Behavior, and Evolutionary Psychology. His research interests relate to foraging; specifically he looks at the cognitive adaptations and decision making strategies associated with small mammal foraging behavior. He has additional interest in small mammal social behavior and in evolutionary psychology.

Dr. William (Bill) J. Jenkins (Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2003, Jenkins_WJ@Mercer.edu, 301-2511) holds the position of Associate Professor of Psychology, Department Chair, and serves as the director of the Neuroscience Program. His area of specialization is Biopsychology. He currently teaches Introduction to Psychology, Research Methods & Statistics, and Drugs and Behavior. His research interests include sexual behavior and motivation, gender/sex differences in behavior, hormones and behavior, maternal behavior, and drug sensitization.

Dr. Katharine (Katie) V. Northcutt (Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2010, Northcutt_KV@Mercer.edu, 301-2348) holds the position of Assistant Professor of Biology, and her specialty area is neurobiology. She currently teaches Anatomy and Physiology II, Introduction to Biology, Current Issues in Biology, Comparative Animal Physiology, and Neurobiology. Her main research interests are the neurobiology and neuroendocrinology of social behavior. She is particularly interested in the neurochemical systems that influence the social interactions of juveniles (particularly play behavior in rats), and the ways that these systems change throughout adolescence.