Major in Philosophy

Creighton Rosental, Chair/Associate Professor of Philosophy

Kevin Honeycutt, Assistant Professor

David Ritchie, Professor

Rosalind Simson, Associate Professor

Charlotte Thomas, Professor

Philosophy is a part of nearly every area of study. Many of the great intellectual movements, theories, and belief systems in our society owe something to philosophy. Subjects covered by philosophy courses include aspects of many other disciplines: ethics (applied and theoretical), logic, the nature and scope of human knowledge, art, film, literature, politics, law, gender, medicine, mind and body, and religion. Students explore these areas by reading classic works of philosophy that constitute some of the most important works in the Western intellectual heritage, but may also study views expressed by virtually any culture, ethnic group, or worldview, including ideas extracted from today’s news. Philosophy is both personal and communal; each student must seek his or her own understanding and perspective, but learning comes through communication of ideas, critical analysis, and making your case to others.

Major in Philosophy

31 semester credit hours minimum

• PHI 195. Introduction to Ethics

• PHI 280. Formal Logic

• PHI 301. Junior Seminar

• PHI 302. Thesis Research and Development

• PHI 311. Ancient Greek Philosophy

• PHI 314. Early Modern Philosophy

• PHI 401. Senior Seminar

One course from:

• PHI 312. Hellenistic and Early Medieval Philosophy

• PHI 313. Scholastic and Humanistic Philosophy

• PHI 315. Kant and 19th Century Philosophy

• PHI 316. Late 19th and Early 20th Century Philosophy

One course from:

• PHI 360. Great Philosophers

• PHI 390. Special Topics in Philosophy

• PHI 393. Advanced Topics in Ethics

Three additional PHI courses.

Successful completion of a senior essay. Majors will begin working on their essay in PHI 301, will work closely with an advisor in PHI 302, and will complete the essay at the end of PHI 401. Majors will orally defend their essay in the semester before they graduate.

Majors may attain Departmental Honors in philosophy by meeting the following requirements:

  1. maintain an overall 3.5 grade point average in philosophy;
  2. complete satisfactorily one of the following courses: 360, 390, or 393;
  3. have the senior essay evaluated as “excellent” by all members of the Department.