Faculty and Staff

Creighton Rosental, Chair and Associate Professor

Office: Knight 211

Email: rosental_c@mercer.edu

Phone: 478-301-5659

Dr. Creighton Rosental, Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Department of PhilosophyProf. Rosental is currently consumed by two major projects: a draft of a logic textbook and his work with public art in Macon.  He's working with students to build a grass-roots public arts organization for Macon and to inaugurate the Committee for Public Art with a public art project.  Students working on this project are also interning at local arts, community development and other organizations that are partners in the project.

Charlotte C.S. Thomas, Professor

Office: Knight 213

Email: thomas_cc@mercer.edu

Phone: 478-301-2352

Dr. Charlie Thomas
Professor of Philosophy
Department of PhilosophyProf. Thomas earned her B.A. at Mercer University, her M.A. and Ph.D. at Emory, and has been on the faculty at Mercer since 1994.  Her philosophical interests include Ancient Political Philosophy, Philosophy and the Arts, and Classical Liberalism.  She mainly teaches History of Philosophy, Ethics, and Great Books on campus, and she has directed Philosophy and Art study abroad programs since 2000.  She is director of the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics program and the co-director of the Center for America's Founding Principles, in which capacity she leads faculty / student reading groups, organizes lectures, conferences, and summer workshops, and directs study abroad opportunities for High School teachers interested in developing their use of primary texts and seminar pedagogies.  Currently, her research focuses on the middle books of Plato's Republic.

Kevin S. Honeycutt, Assistant Professor

Office: Knight 217

Email: honeycutt_ks@mercer.edu

Phone: 478-301-5372Dr. Kevin Honeycutt

Dr. Honeycutt earned his B.A. and B.S. at Mercer University and his M.A. and Ph.D. at Emory University.  His research interests include ancient philosophy and Renaissance / early modern philosophy.  He mainly teaches History of Philosophy courses and introductory courses, as well as courses in the Great Books program.  Current projects include essays on Plato, Machiavelli, and Bertrand de Jouvenel.

David Ritchie, Professor of Law & Philosophy

Office: Law School 307

Email: ritchie_dt@mercer.edu

Phone: 478-301-5686

David Ritchie
Professor of Law & Philosophy
Department of PhilosophyProf. Ritchie's principal research interests lie in legal and political theory broadly construed.  He also does work on discourse theory, particularly in the context of legal discourse.  Also in this vein, Prof. Ritchie works extensively with artifacts of popular culture (mainly films) as evidence of discursive practices.  Finally, Prof. Ritchie has long maintained an interest in war and peace issues, especially the issue of pacifism and its relationship to nonviolent conflict resolution.


Rosalind Simson, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies

Rosalind Simson, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary StudiesOffice: Knight 215

Email: simson_rs@mercer.edu

Phone: 478-301-2796

In recent years, Prof. Simson has been working on issues at the intersection of philosophy, gender, and law, and has a particular interest in bioethics.  Prof. Simson has also published articles on various topics in epistemology, including the epistemic regress problem, the role of values in epistemic justification, and feminine thinking.  Finally, she enjoys studying and teaching about the philosophy of art.


Marc Jolley, Senior Lecturer

Office Knight 211B

Email: jolley_ma@mercer.edu

Phone: 478-301-2880 

Prof. Jolley's areas of interest are Greek philosophy (especially ethics) and the philosophy of religion.  With a background in biblical studies, he prefers to read the New Testament in the context of the philosophical and moral texts of the Greco-Roman world.  He teaches philosophy of religion, ethics, Hellenistic philosophy, and, on occasion, Socrates and Jesus.  He is also an avid reader of Augustine, Rousseau, and Kierkegaard.  He is the director of Mercer University Press.  He taught his first class in 1986.