Eimad Houry, Ph.D. (Florida State University)Dr. Eimad Houry with Brianna Green at 2016 Commencement

  • Professor
  • Specialities: International Relations, Middle Eastern Politics, Development
  • Chair, Department of International and Global Studies
  • Sponsor for the Model Arab League--regularly winning national awards.  
  • Regularly leads Mercer On Mission trips to South Africa and other locations
  • Arranges internships in Cape Town
  • Spring Break trips to Dubai
  • houry_e@mercer.edu
  • Tel: (478) 301-2793

Will R. Jordan, Ph.D 2003 (Loyola University)Dr. Jordan speaks at an event sponsored by the McDonald Center for the Teaching of America's Western Foundations

  • Associate Professor
  • Specialities: Political Theory, American Politics, and the American founding
  • Co-Director McDonald Center for America's Founding Principles
  • Former Director of the Great Books program
  • Regular participant in national forums on political theory and America's Founding
  • Two recent books 
  • Mercer Sponsor for College Republicans
  • jordan_wr@mercer.edu
  • Tel: (478) 301-2445

Lori A. Johnson, Ph.D. 2005 (University of California-Berkley) Dr. Johnson exercising her franchise in 2016.

  • Associate Professor
  • Specialities: Law, Legal Training, Public Policy, and American Politics
  • Pre-Law Advisor
  • J.D. University of Virginia
  • Director of Law and Public Policy Program
  • Mock Trial Head Coach
  • Former Clerk in the Federal 4th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Member of the Georgia Bar Association
  • johnson_la@Mercer.edu
  • Tel: (478) 301-2794

Chris Grant, Ph.D. 2005 (University of Georgia)Dr. Grant meets MTP Host Chuck Todd during 2016 traveling seminar to New Hampshire during the Presidential Primaries

  • Professor 
  • Specialities:  Electoral politics, European politics, and service-learning.
  • Chair of the Political Science Department
  • Led multiple Mercer On Missions and study trips to the former Soviet Union
  • Fulbright Scholar to the former Soviet Republic of Moldova (2006)
  • Mercer sponsor for the Young Democrats
  • former Congressional Fellow, office of Senator Max Cleland (D-GA)
  • former Director of the Service Track of the University Honors Program
  • Author of Our Arc of Confidence--a monograph on the evolution of the Georgia General Assembly
  • Numerous other publications on state politics and the former Soviet Union
  • grant_jc@mercer.edu
  • Tel: (478) 301-5519

Derek J. Glasgow, Ph.D. 2015 (University of Kansas)Dr Glasgow enjoying time off!

  • Assistant Professor
  • Specialities: Public Policy--Environmental and Energy,  Congress, Methods, and American Politics
  • Several publications in disciplinary journals
  • glasgow_dj@mercer.edu
  • Tel: (478) 301-2792