NurseStudents who aspire to enter the field of nursing at the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) level or higher are considered to be on the "pre-nursing track."

Pre-nursing students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts>> are often interested in earning their BSN degree from Mercer's Georgia Baptist College of Nursing>>, and should investigate the Special Consideration Program for Nursing>>. Pre-nursing students should note that the pre-nursing program is not a major offered by the College of Liberal Arts, and that there is no degree or certification earned for successful completion of the curriculum. However, completion of the Mercer pre-nursing curriculum followed by successful completion of the nursing program at the GBCN leads to the degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

Pre-Nursing Track Advising Resources

Enrolled Students

Mercer students on any of the pre-health professions tracks should enroll in the MercerPerHealth Advising course on Canvas>>.

Students may also prepare for nursing school at Mercer's Penfield College>>, which offers "Nursing Prep" classes at many of Mercer's satellite campuses around Georgia.