phramMercer University undergraduates who plan to pursue a career in pharmacy are considered to the on the "pre-pharmacy" track.  Pre-pharmacy is not an academic major, but a preparatory track.  Pre-pharmacy students enrolled at the College of Liberal Arts declare and work towards an academic major and minor>> as they fulfill the admission requirements for their preferred pharmacy school(s) - at least as a back-up plan.

Pre-pharmacy students may choose one of three paths as they prepare for pharmacy school:

  1. Students may earn a bachelor’s degree as they fulfill the prerequisites for the pharmacy school of their choice;
  2. Students may participate in one of the Accelerated Special Consideration Program (ASCP) described in detail on the Special Consideration Programs page>>; or
  3. Students may fulfill only the minimum requirements for the pharmacy school of their choice before matriculation into a pharmacy program.

Students should note that the prerequisite for all introductory science courses (chemistry, biology, and physics) is "calculus-readiness" (competency in mathematics at or above the pre-calculus level). Students planning on following a pre-health professions track are therefore advised to take mathematics in high school at least through the pre-calculus level.

Pre-Pharmacy Track Advising Resources

Current Mercer Students

Students enrolled at Mercer who are following one of the pre-health professions tracks should enroll in the "MercerPreHealth" advising course on Canvas>>.

Information about all of the pre-professional tracks at Mercer-Macon can be found on the web pages of the Office of Academic & Advising Services>>.