TheologyThe Roberts Department of Christianity in the College on the Macon Campus seeks to expose all Mercer students to the broad Christian tradition and, for those students who intend to enter the Christian ministry, provides a solid foundation for later theological education. Future pastors, ministers of education, ministers of music, ministers of counseling, ministers of youth, and those who plan a career in teaching religion in academic environments major in Christianity. The James and Carolyn McAfee School of Theology in Atlanta, divinity schools, seminaries, and graduate schools of religion highlight the importance and advantages of a broad liberal arts education. The Association of Theological Schools recommends that pre-theological studies include the following fields: religion, English, history, philosophy, natural sciences, social sciences, and foreign languages. Graduate schools for the study of religion expect their students to be able to speak and write effectively, to think logically, and to read critically. All of these are primary goals of the Roberts Department of Christianity. In addition, the department hopes to produce students who act compassionately as citizens of the world.

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