Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Mercer University undergraduate students who plan to pursue a career in veterinary medicine are considered to be on the “pre-veterinary medicine” or "pre-veterinary" track.  Pre-veterinary medicine is not an academic major, but a preparatory track; pre-veterinary students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts declare and work towards an academic major and minor>> as they fulfill the admission requirements for their preferred veterinary school(s).  Information and advice about all aspects of the pre-veterinary track can be found in the Pre-Veterinary Track Fundamentals>> handbook.

Information about all of the pre-professional tracks at Mercer-Macon can be found on the web pages of the Office of Academic & Advising Services>>

Please note that the minimum science coursework required for the pre-veterinary track is only offered by the College of Liberal Arts on the Macon Campus. Also note that competency in mathematics at or above the calculus level is required to begin the chemistry and biology course sequences at Mercer University.  Students planning on following the pre-veterinary track are therefore advised to take mathematics in high school at least through the pre-calculus level.