Courses Taught

PSY 101- Introduction to Psychology

An introduction to and survey of the major content areas of psychology. The topics include biological, cognitive, social, and environmental influences on behavior, as well as the variety of philosophical, theoretical, and empirical approaches adapted by the discipline. 

PSY 240 - Theories of Personality

A critical review of the major theoretical explanations of the development, structure and organization of personal attributes. The course also considers the empirical evidence which supports these theories.

PSY 303 - Research Methods

An introduction to the methodological skills necessary for conducting psychological research. Topics include strategies and problems of basic and advanced research design, drawing conclusions, writing research reports and ethical issues. Assignments include laboratory investigations and written reports. 

PSY 410 - Social and Ethical Implications of Psychology

A study of the impact of psychological research and practice on the individual and society. The ethical, moral, and legal implications of psychology will be examined.

PSY 420 - Alternative Perspectives in Psychology

A critical examination of humanistic, phenomenological, existential, and value-based perspectives in psychology.