House-Calls Practice

House Calls for Cat Behavior Problems - Greater Atlanta only

The Behavioral Assessment and Treatment Program

Dr. Wright’s 4-week program begins with a visit to the cat’s home where the problem behaviors occur. During the 1 ½ to 2-hour visit, Dr. Wright identifies the source(s) of the pet’s misbehavior through conversations with the cat’s caretakers.  He designs a treatment program for the family to follow, shows family members how to administer each aspect of the program, and indicates why each procedure is part of the program, for their cat. The program continues with four weekly phone consultations to help ensure the success of the treatment plan. Most behavior problems can be resolved or significantly reduced and controlled.  
Since beginning his applied animal behavior practice in Atlanta in 1981, Dr. Wright has helped more than a thousand pet owners resolve their dog's or cat's behavior problem. As a professionally certified animal behaviorist, Dr. Wright believes in the humane treatment of companion animals; none of his treatment programs are designed to mistreat or cause a pet to experience pain or suffering. If your cat is exhibiting a problem behavior, you may wish to leave a short description of your cat's problem behavior, by emailing Dr. Wright at

(Beginning December 1, 2018 Dr. Wright is no longer accepting new DOG or CAT behavior problem cases; the list of current CAABS/ACAABS is available here: