Courses Taught

PSY 101 - Introduction to Psychology

An introduction to and survey of the major content areas of psychology. The topics include biological, cognitive, social, and environmental influences on behavior, as well as the variety of philosophical, theoretical, and empirical approaches adapted by the discipline. 

PSY 221 - Health Psychology 

This course will explore theoretical and empirical approaches to studying the influences of thought, feeling, and behavior on physical health. The class will examine the mind-body problem and how physical health is influenced by personality, social relationships, stress, expectations, behavior, and emotion expression. 

PSY 260 - Introduction to Clinical Psychology 

An overview of the concepts, methods, and issues involved in clinical psychology, including assessment procedures and intervention strategies from varying theoretical perspectives. 

PSY 270 - Psychology of Gender 

Examination of the theory and context in which the social construct of "gender" develops, and the impact this has on our perceptions of ourselves, how others perceive us, and how we relate to others. Emphasis will be placed on the diversity of such experiences. 

PSY 325 - Tests & Measurement 

Examination of the construction, evaluation, and use of psychological assessment devices. The topics include reliability, validity, measurement theory, and factors that influence the assessment process. Laboratory investigations and written reports of empirical findings are required. 

PSY 326 - Behavior Modification 

An examination of the applications of learning principles in solving human problems. Consideration will be giving to legal, social, and ethical issues related to these applications. Experiential or practical exercise applying principles learned and written reports of these findings are required. 

PSY 460 - Abnormal Psychology 

A survey of the major categories of behavior pathology, including a consideration of etiology, diagnosis and treatment.