Courses Taught

PSY 101 - Introduction to Psychology 

An introduction to and survey of the major content areas of psychology. The topics include biological, cognitive, social, and environmental influences on behavior, as well as the variety of philosophical, theoretical, and empirical approaches adapted by the discipline. 

PSY 256 - Forensic Psychology 

This course will examine the application of psychological theory and research to the legal system. Topics will include a survey of the major topics in the field including  eyewitness identification, police interrogations and confessions, jury decision-making, and criminal competency and insanity evaluations.

PSY 307 - Research Methods and Statistics II 

A continuation into more advanced study of psychological research methodologies and their associated statistical analyses. Topics include correlation and regression, multiple-group and factorial designs, quasi-experimental designs, Analyses of Variance, and nonparametric tests. Students will gain experience in formulating research hypotheses and writing all portions of formal APA-style manuscripts. 

INT 201 - Building Community 

Students will study issues and problems in creating and preserving public good in communities and nations. Students will explore the use of civil, effective communication to address complex and contentious issues. Course content and assignments will reflect an examination of the relationship between citizenship and inclusive human communities by examining the works of writers, thinkers, artists and scholars representing the four domains of natural science, social science, humanities and the arts. As a Writing Instruction course, substantial attention, in terms of both instruction and course work, will be given towards developing the practical skill of writing as specified in the Writing Instruction section.