Courses Taught

PSY 101 - Introduction to Psychology 

An introduction to and survey of the major content areas of psychology. The topics include biological, cognitive, social, and environmental influences on behavior, as well as the variety of philosophical, theoretical, and empirical approaches adapted by the discipline. 

PSY 185 - Special Topics: Writing in Psychology 

This course is a special topics course which selects a psychological topis for critical analysis and extensive writing instruction. Through close examination of a variety of original sources and media, as well as writing (both formal and informal) in multiple genres with opportunities for revision, students will develop skills in critical thinking, writing and scientific literacy. Students enrolled in PSY 185 must be co-enrolled in WRT 120.

PSY 245 - Developmental Psychology 

An introduction to the study of the psychological development of the individual. The focus of this course is both theoretical and empirical, including coverage of growth in physical, social, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and personality traits across the life span. 

PSY 250 - Child and Adolescent Psychology 

An overview of human development in infancy through adolescence, encompassing physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional changes. Introduces the major theories of development and explores their ability to accurately describe and explain normal development. Central issues (e.g., nature versus nurture, mechanisms of development) are also explored. Students may not take this course if they have already received credit for PSY 245.

PSY 306 - Research Methods and Statistics I

An introduction to the research methods and statistics used in psychological research. Topics include research ethics, sampling from populations, descriptive research and statistics, survey research, basic experimental design and hypothesis testing, and two-group designs and t-tests. Students will gain experience conducting literature reviews, reading empirical articles, using the SPSS statistical analysis software, and beginning writing APA-style manuscripts.

PSY 344 - Investigations in Developmental Psychology 

Investigations into various central developmental issues across the lifespan, such as nature vs. nurture, attachment, resilience, identity, moral development, gender development, and aging. Laboratory investigations, research proposals, and written article critiques are required. 

PSY 485 - Special Topics in Psychology: Current Issues in Psychology 

An advanced study of psychological theories that is not available through other departmental course offerings. May be taken more than once (with different topics).

INT 301 - Engaging the World 

Through an exploration of global issues, students will examine the interconnectedness of global society, while learning to respect the diversity of international voices on contemporary issues. The role and impact of global citizenry will be examined through the works of writers, thinkers, artists and scholars representing the four domains of natural science, social science, humanities and the arts. Substantial attention will be given to the practical skills of written, verbal and visual communication. Individual sections may be subtitled to reflect a particular perspective.