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  • Application for Empirical or Honors Project [.doc]
  • Academic Check Sheet: General Education Requirements (CLA:2010-2011) [.pdf] [.xls]
  • Academic Check Sheet: B.A./ B.S. in Psychology (2014-2015) [.xls]
  • Trial Schedule Worksheet [.pdf]

Research Participants:

  • Research Instructions for Participants (pink) [.doc]
  • Research Summary Form [.pdf]

Student Researchers:

  • Research Instructions for Researchers (blue) [.doc]
  • Debriefing Statement Template [.pdf]
  • Study Sign-up Sheet (Sample) [.pdf]
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB):
  • (Please visit IRB website for the most current updates)
  • Minimal Risk Form
  • Minimal Risk Studies Instructions
  • IRB Clinical Studies Application
  • Clinical Studies Instructions