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studentswithsignWelcome to the Roberts Department of Religion! Spend a little time on our pages and you will learn about our commitments to teaching Religion in the context of the traditions of Western culture. Along the way you may have questions or comments. If you do, please send me an email at, or give me a call at (478) 301-2755.

Since 1945, the name of Columbus Roberts has been associated with the Department of Religion. A Georgia Baptist layman deeply committed to education, Columbus Roberts gave his money and his name to establish the Roberts School of Christianity, later renamed the Roberts Department of Christianity and now the Roberts Department of Religion.

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The idea of a department of religion at Mercer has been around as long as the idea of a university first entered the mind of Jesse Mercer. The university was created, in part, to provide training for "pious young men for the ministry." From the appointment of the first faculty member in 1839 until the present, the department has been an anchor for an institution that has adapted to changing culture and circumstances.

At the beginning of the twenty-first century the Roberts Department of Religion continues to be true to the hope of Jesse Mercer, and more. More than half of our majors go on to enter professional programs that will prepare them for a life in ministry. Our majors also include students who will pursue professional studies in law and medicine, or graduate studies in history, English, sociology, psychology, and other areas.

Our faculty includes teacher-scholars who are recognized in their fields of study and known as excellent teachers. Six times in the last twenty-five years a member of the Roberts Department of Religion has received the Spencer B. King, Jr., Distinguished Faculty Award, the highest teaching award presented annually in the College of Liberal Arts.

In addition to providing excellent instruction in the classroom, members of the department also are involved in the lives of our students. The Mercer chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa is housed in the department. 

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The Roberts Department of Religion is large enough for you! Think about casting your lot with us.


Richard F. Wilson
Columbus Roberts Professor of Theology and Chair