Darlene K. Flaming

Darlene Flaming admires Jesse Mercer's pocket watch, which can be seen in the Jack Tarver Library's Special Collections.A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, I began my post-secondary education at Oklahoma Baptist University, intent on majoring in religion so that I could be a missionary. This career path was influenced by a limited understanding of how God could use women. Through the influence of a woman religion professor and work at a statewide Baptist camp, I discovered wider options open to women in God's service. I found that my gifts were in the areas of academics and teaching. I graduated from OBU with a Bachelor of Humanities degree with emphases in Religion, History, and Psychology.

After college, I served as a Journeyman through the Southern Baptist Convention’s Foreign Mission Board. Living in French Guiana for two years, I taught a single high school missionary kid, shepherded an English-speaking congregation, and directed a Bible correspondence course. On my return to the States, I went to The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, for the Master of Divinity degree. While at Southern, I gained other ministry experience, serving as a hospital chaplain and as an associate pastor of an inner-city church.

After seminary, I earned the Ph.D. in the History of Christianity from the University of Notre Dame. I focused on the periods of the Early Church and the Reformation. My dissertation is on John Calvin's uses of the Apostolic Church. I am fascinated by the ways in which we read church history through the lenses of our contemporary situations.

I began teaching in the Christianity Department at Mercer University in the Fall of 1998. I regularly teach the Old and New Testament Introduction courses, the History of Christianity, and Christianity in America. I have also taught a Women and Christianity course, the Baptist Tradition, and Gendered Lives.

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