Darlene K. Flaming

Darlene Flaming admires Jesse Mercer's pocket watch, which can be seen in the Jack Tarver Library's Special Collections.     A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, I earned a Bachelor of Humanities degree at Oklahoma Baptist University and a Master of Divinity at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Along the way I spent two years as a missionary in French Guiana. In an unlikely combination of traditions, I earned my PhD in church history at the University of Notre Dame, studying the early church and the Reformation, and wrote my dissertation on John Calvin’s view of the Apostolic Church.
    I joined the faculty at Mercer in 1998 and have spent over twenty years teaching in the Columbus Roberts Department of Religion at Mercer University. Although my specialty is church history, I also regularly teach Old Testament, New Testament, Beginning with Abraham, Religion in America, and Gendered Lives. My current interest, both scholarly and personal, is interfaith dialogue; I am energized by my participation in the Women's Interfaith Alliance of Central Georgia. My son and I live with a menagerie of animals, including a poodle, two guinea pigs, and ten fish.

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