Olu Q. Menjay

MenjayI was introduced to Mercer University’s Columbus Roberts Department of Christianity as an undergraduate student at Mercer earning a double major in Christianity and Sociology. As an international student from Liberia in West Africa, I found my experience enriched by the caliber of the faculty in the Christianity Department, who encouraged me in unusual ways to study beyond my undergraduate degree. Today, my earned degrees come from schools in the United States and Europe.

After my remarkable experience as a Mercer student, it was not a difficult decision to return to Mercer in Fall 2009 as a faculty member in the Roberts Christianity Department.

While most areas in theology appeal to me, my specific interest is in African Christianity and Liberation theology. As a Contextual Missiologist, I believe it is important to highlight the growing phenomenon of Christianity becoming a non-Western religion. Africa is emerging as a foremost venue in this changing face of global Christianity. I am delighted to serve in the midst of such an historic occurrence. My teaching is informed by my contemporary context.

In addition to being on the faculty at Mercer, I serve as the Chief Administrative Officer/ Principal of the Ricks Institute in Liberia. Ricks Institute, a K-12 Baptist boarding school, provides me the opportunities to enact the essence of Christian mission and theology. Obviously, I have a personal interest in molding the minds of future servant-leaders in my native country. As an ordained Baptist preacher, I also enjoy preaching in rural churches throughout Liberia.

Over the years, I have continued to experience renewal in my commitments through my active participation in the objectives of the Baptist World Alliance as well as the Baptist convention in Liberia. I have a passion for traveling. Experiencing different places around the world not only reminds me of my limitations, but also convinces me to appreciate the human diversity within our one world.

My wife, Ottolee, and children, Mia and Q, continue to offer support in all that I do.

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