Nancy Stubbs

stubbsSince 1993 I have been the Administrative Assistant for the Roberts Department of Christianity. During the regular school year, every day is filled with a variety of tasks carried out in the company of a lot of different kinds of people. The faculty in the department keep me busy as I help them with various preparations for their classes and professional activities. Each one is different, interesting, and fun to work with.  

I especially like the chance to get to know the majors in the department. Over the years that each one is here, I have opportunities to help them meet with their advisor, set up appointments for them to discuss their hopes and dreams with members of the faculty, and assist them as they carry out their responsibilities in the student organizations that the department sponsors and supports.  

Before I came to Mercer, I served a local Baptist church as pastor's secretary, and for a while I was also the secretary for the Macon Baptist Association. My work in the local church and association was good experience to prepare me to work with the faculty and students in the department.  

My husband, Tom, and my daughter, Tara, are both Mercer graduates. Tom completed a Master’s degree in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program in Mercer’s medical school. Just this year he retired from the Department of Juvenile Justice. Tara earned a B.A. in Sociology in the College of Liberal Arts. After completing an M.A. at the State University of West Georgia, she spent some time in a doctoral program at Georgia State University. Tara is now focused on humanitarian affairs and building a small business with her husband, Stephen Oloyowe. Their first child, Caleb Ayomide, was born in 2010, and their daughter, Abigail Abeke-Lee, was born in 2013.

My son Tim has been a CAD operator in Macon since 1992. He has been instrumental in building sports programs in local churches over the years. Tim and his wife Wendy have two daughters: Ashleigh Marie, born in 1999, and Morgan Julianna, born in 2005.  

In addition to family and work, I enjoy reading and traveling.

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