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Baan Chieng PotteryBaan Chieng Pottery

A piece of Baan Chieng Pottery dated at 6,000 to 7,000 years old has been given by Maj. Edd D. Wheeler, USAF, to Mercer University.

According to thermo-luminescence testing, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, and based on excavations conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, and based on excavations conducted by the Thai Government, the pottery ranks as the oldest painted pottery found in Southeast Asia.

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Harrison Collection

Harrison CollectionsThe Harrison Collection of Costa Rican Artifacts consist mainly of an array of ceramics.

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Williams Collection

The Williams Collection of African Artifacts consist of several fetishes or statues. Once thought to have magical power, like a talisman or good luck charm, they were made by the Yaka people of tribal Africa, present day Zaire.

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Japanese CollectionJapanese Collection

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Indian Artifacts

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Scholarship Needed!

We need scholars in African history, anthropology and archaeology to assist us in

Indian Artifacts

identifying and placing these artifacts into their cultural context, many of them related to healing, on display on this site.

Please contact us if you're interested in assisting us in giving our collection the scholarly attention it needs and deserves. We will be happy to provide a CD/DVD of the collection for closer examination.

Contact the Chair of the Dept. of Sociology, Dr. L. Kanter or call (478) 301-2037.