The Department of Sociology offers internships in Criminal Justice and Sociology, which provide valuable opportunities to build professional skills and networks, learn more about a career that interests you, and gain a deeper understanding of class material.  Students can choose among several agencies identified by the Sociology Department or arrange their own internship.  Internships during the fall or spring semesters involve a minimum of eight hours of onsite activities per week, while summer session internships require more hours per week.  In addition to onsite responsibilities, students complete reflection papers that connect the internship experience with academic material and their career goals. 

Students should contact a Sociology Department faculty member during the advising period to discuss their interest in completing an internship.  After approval from the faculty member, students will then register for SOC 490 or CRJ 490.  The student, site supervisor, and Sociology Department faculty member will complete an Internship Learning Contract before the semester of the internship.  This contract identifies the learning objectives the student plans to achieve through the internship.