Unit One: Cotton from Plant to Product

Sunday, June 24: Arrival
Monday, June 25: All God's Dangers with Dr. Sarah Gardner, Dr. David A. Davis, and Dr. Doug Thompson
Tuesday, June 26:  The Cotton Plantation with Dr. Charles Aiken
Wednesday, June 27: Agricultural History with Dr. James Giesen
Thursday, June 28: The Rise and Fall of Textiles with Dr. David Carlton
Friday, June 29: Trip to Jarell Plantation

Unit Two: The Politics of Race, Class, and Cotton Labor

Monday, July 2: Reconstruction and the New South with Dr. Sarah Gardner
Tuesday, July 3: Living Jim Crow with Dr. Houston Roberson
Wednesday, July 4: no workshop
Thursday, July 5: The Great Migration with Dr. Bobby Donaldson
Friday, July 6: The Civil Rights Movement with Dr. Houston Roberson and Dr. Doug Thompson
Monday, July 9: Trip to King Center and Atlanta History Center
Tuesday, July 10: Southern Religion with Dr. Doug Thompson
Wednesday, July 11: Southern Politics with Dr. Joseph Crespino
Thursday, July 12: Trip to Savannah
Friday, July 13: Trip to Savannah

Unit Three: The Cultural Production of Cotton

Monday, July 16: The Ideology of Agricultural Economy with Dr. Sarah Gardner
Tuesday, July 17: Imagining the South after Reconstruction with Dr. Andrew Silver
Wednesday, July 18: Inventing Southern Literature with Dr. David A. Davis
Thursday, July 19: Modern Southern Literature with Dr. David A. Davis
Friday, July 20: Trip to Eatonton and Milledgeville
Monday, July 23: Southern Music with Dr. Charles Reagan Wilson
Tuesday, July 24: Southern Film with Dr. Robert Jackson
Wednesday, July 25: Southern Film with Dr. Robert Jackson
Thursday, July 26: Material Culture with Dr. John Vlach
Friday, July 27: Closing and Connections