The Women’s and Gender Studies Program offers an opportunity for both male and female students to explore the different ways that men and women have been acculturated throughout history and the changing ways that masculinity and femininity are being defined in contemporary society. Additionally, the major and minor provide a comprehensive, coherent, and carefully chosen course of study that enables students to reach a more complete understanding of the history, position, and achievements of women in culture. Students will be introduced to the questions raised and methods used in the new scholarship on women and gender.

An interdisciplinary program of study, the Women’s and Gender Studies major and minor also complement a wide range of other fields of study. Students planning careers in law, business, medicine, education, service, and the sciences find the study of gender in society useful. It is highly recommended that students who wish to enroll in WGS cross-listed courses have already taken WGS 180 or relevant prerequisites or the introductory course(s) in the cross-listed discipline.

Beyond Mercer

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  • Philosophy majors are disproportionately found in leadership positions. Majors hold a number of prominent positions in local government: one recent graduate is the Executive Director of the Macon-Bibb County Urban Development Authority. Until recently the presidents of each of the three four-year colleges in Macon were philosophy majors.