Distinctive Opportunities

Center for Collaborative Journalism

The Center for Collaborative Journalism at Mercer University seeks to engage Mercer students and faculty and the news staffs of The Telegraph and Georgia Public Broadcasting in innovative journalism that advances journalistic excellence in the digital age and contributes to a more informed, engaged Central Georgia community. 

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The Thomas C. and Ramona E. McDonald Center for America's Founding Principles

Recent studies of curricula and learning outcomes at both the secondary-education and the collegiate level show an already-alarming, increasing trend of neglect of the teaching of, and student illiteracy in, American-civic and Western-cultural foundations. Contemporary America is a pluralistic society; yet, for such a society and its citizens to flourish as respectful, responsible, and free requires the understanding of both the founding principles and values of the American regime and the Western cultural tradition that is both its ground and the source of the conditions necessary for its very possibility and continuation. Given the current academic trends, then, the proposed initiative will address this urgent need of teaching and learning. 

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Great Books 

The idea is simple, although we believe not simplistic. First, Mercer faculty members who teach in the Great Books Program believe that students must sufficiently engage and confront the Western tradition before they can begin imaginatively to grasp other cultural traditions or before they can critically appropriate contemporary culture and its formative texts. Second, this faculty belongs to a community dedicated to liberal education. Finally, we believe one way to engage the Western tradition in a liberal manner is through thoughtful conversation shaped by great books that record many of the original contributions to that intellectual tradition

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Honors Programs

The College of Liberal Arts Honors Programs seeks to enrich the learning environment for both students and faculty by offering innovative and interdisciplinary seminars, service-learning courses, and study abroad opportunities that go beyond the coursework found in the traditional curriculum. 

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Integrative Core Curriculum 

At Mercer, we want our students to graduate with more than just a diploma. We want you to be a citizen of the world! To provide this type of transformative education, students will take a series of interdisciplinary courses in the first, second, and third year. 

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Mercer Abroad – Your Passport to the World

Mercer provides students with many opportunities to engage the world, integrating global learning through almost every aspect of a student's general education and disciplines. Global events shape our local lives and Mercer’s programs reflect that reality. At Mercer, study abroad or study away (a domestic experience) is more than an educational requirement. It's even more than a summer term or semester away. Mercer Abroad is holistic experiential learning. Mercer Abroad equips you to make a difference in the twenty-first century through your profession and service.

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Mercer On Mission 

Lives are being transformed through Mercer On Mission — the lives of Mercer students and the lives of those they serve in Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and around the globe. Mercer On Mission is a unique blend of study abroad and service-learning that provides life-changing experiences for students through academic instruction, cultural immersion, meaningful service, and spiritual reflection.

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Program in Integrated Science & Mathematics (PRISM)

PRISM is a year-long program that integrates biology, psychology, mathematics, and physics. This program is intended for students who are interested in science and/or pre-health tracks and need to take Pre-calculus.

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Service Learning

The College of Liberal Arts encourages Mercer students to commit to living as engaged and informed citizens. This intention is reflected in the offering of service-learning courses that include civic engagement as an important component of the learning experience. 

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Spencer B. King, Jr. Center for Southern Studies

The southern studies program at Mercer University examines the complex history and culture of the U.S. South.

The program offers an interdisciplinary undergraduate concentration that studies the region from multiple perspectives including courses in African American studies, English, history, political science, and cultural studies.

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