Department of English

Welcome to the website of Mercer University’s Department of English. We hope that these pages provide some hint of the vitality and variety that is English study at Mercer. Here you will find information on the various ways our students pursue their programs with us, general descriptions of our courses, introductions to our vibrant and engaged faculty, and resources for everything from scholarly documentation to career planning for English majors. Whether you are a prospective or a current student or instructor, we hope you find this site informative.

Why major in English?

You should major in English if you love reading and talking about literature, if you desire warm encouragement and rigorous training in the critical skills of reading, writing and thinking, and if you seek a strong foundation for a lifetime of deeper learning and more articulate communication. Our Department of English will help you challenge yourself as you develop your mind and expand your comprehension of both books and the world.

For a list of what some of our recent graduates are doing with their degree in English, see our News page.

Most disciplines teach a student to master particular set of skills that makes that person useful in a particular area. Majoring in English teaches a person to read, reflect and engage with any text they choose. It teaches you how speak to other people in a way that few people can. It teaches you how to listen to what other people are saying. It teaches you to hear the words from all the people who have come before us and who left their thoughts on a page. Most importantly, it allows you to master the skill of learning: it opens up the possibility that you can learn from all the mistakes of the past and guide yourself to the best future.