Global Health Studies (GHS)

In a broad sense the major in Global Health Studies will help you find your calling through international travel, service to others, experiential and service learning, and a close association with faculty mentors.

Specifically, the degree addresses the health of global populations and communities through instruction, service, and community-based projects.

A degree in Global Health Studies will provide you with the skills to analyze the factors underlying domestic and international health challenges, to combine research and service experience with the ability to make difficult social choices; to devise solutions to individual and population-wide health problems, and to implement disease-prevention strategies.

Mercer’s Global Health Studies program builds skills directly applicable to the field of public health. It furthermore uses the broad curriculum of the College of Liberal Arts to build knowledge in research methods, international relations, and the social and behavioral sciences, with the goal of creating well-rounded graduates who can address public health challenges.”

Global Health Studies is distinctive from other programs!

“The Global Health Studies degree is distinct from similar programs at Mercer in that it requires Mercer on Mission, a summer international service learning experience; participation in a yearly seminar series that will be led by a nationally recognized expert on a public health issue, and the successful completion of a community- or internationally-based senior design project. The major in Global Health Studies will prepare you to become a leader in the search for solutions to global health challenges, or to pursue graduate education in law, business, engineering, or public health.”

The major in Global Health Studies will prepare you to become a leader in the search for solutions to global health challenges or to pursue graduate education in law, business, engineering and public health.

Public health is a growing field that touches on everything from epidemiology and infectious diseases to nutrition and diet, examining health collectively. In rich countries, such as the United States, the problems confronted by public health professionals include obesity and diabetes, while in poorer countries, often having access to enough food and proper medical care are the most pressing public health challenges.

“Many of the methods and techniques used to track and address community and global health challenges are similar, making global health an ideal method of studying public health, and imparting valuable global perspectives that are integral to effective public health delivery in our increasingly globalized world.”  

In summary,  the Global Health  Studies program will provide you with a wide variety of experiences,  skills, and perspective that will equip you in becoming  an important member of the public health  professional community.”

What Can I Do With it?

Global Health  Studies students  explore public health  administration, community practice,  health  policy, health communication, and public health  research. While the program proves  a broad understanding of all of these focal areas, students often  go on to pursue graduate study in more  narrow fields, such as Epidemiology, Behavioral Science, Environmental Health,  or Population and Family Health.”"

In addition, many pre-medicine students choose Global Health  to complement their studies. This coursework prepares  students  to understand health  as it affects both individuals and the population at large. Global Health  Studies also prepares  students to work with diverse populations, provide international service, and to become  more informed citizens of the world.


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