John Thomas Scott

dr scottProfessor of History and Director of the Honors Program

Ph.D., The College of William and Mary

Langdale Hall 307
(478) 301-2857

Research Interests

Early American Religion, Trustee Georgia, Faith and Academia


HIS 145 American Film as Art and History
HIS 160 Biblical Texts and American History
HIS 165 Problems in American History
HIS 176 American Founding Principles
HIS 295 The Historian's Craft
HIS 350 United States in the Founding Era, 1763-1815
HIS 365 History of Georgia
HIS 370 Intellectual History of America
HIS 395 Studies in Historiography

HON 105 Introduction to Academic Research
HON 205 Thesis Exploration Seminar
GBK 203 Great Books: Hebrew and Christian Traditions