Major in History

Major in History 

33 semester credit hours minimum 

HIS 110. Essentials of Western Civilization
Majors are strongly recommended to take HIS 115. Western Civilization: Enrichment when enrolled in HIS 110.

One American History course from: 

HIS 145. American Film as Art and History
HIS 160. Biblical Texts and American History
HIS 165. American Transformations of its European Heritage
HIS 176. American Founding Principles
HIS 210. The Twentieth Century World
HIS 295. The Historian’s Craft
HIS 395. Studies in Historiography
HIS 495. Research Seminar in History

One Pre-Modern and Early Modern Eras course

HIS 301. Ancient History: The Near East and Greece
HIS 302. Ancient History: Rome
HIS 310. The Middle Ages
HIS 315. Early Modern Europe
HIS 320. Medieval England
HIS 321. Early Modern Britain
HIS 345. Colonial Americas in a Transatlantic World

One Modern Europe course

HIS 317. Europe in the Nineteenth Century
HIS 318. Twentieth Century Europe
HIS 322. Modern Britain
HIS 325. Revolution and Its Legacy in France
HIS 327. The Rise of Modern Russia
HIS 328. The Russian Empire and the Soviet Regime
HIS 330. The First and Second World Wars
HIS 332. An Intellectual History of Modern Europe

One United States courses

HIS 350. United States in the Founding Era, 1763-1815
HIS 351. United States in the Industrial Era, 1815-1940
HIS 356. The Civil War and Reconstruction
HIS 359. United States in the Global Era, 1940-2001
HIS 361. The Old South
HIS 362. The New South
HIS 363. African American History
HIS 365. History of Georgia
HIS 370. An Intellectual History of America
HIS 377. U.S. Women’s History, Colonial Era to the Present


Only eight hours of credit in 100-level courses may be applied towards the major, and only six hours of credit in HIS 481, 491, and 499 may be applied toward the major.

Departmental Honors

Students who major in history may attain Departmental Honors by 1) earning a grade of B+ or better in HIS 495 and 2) by attaining a grade point average of 3.75 in history courses and 3.5 overall. 

Secondary Teacher Certification Program

Teacher certification in history (6-12) is available to history majors. Students planning to teach history in secondary school should notify their advisor and contact the secondary education advisor in Tift College of Education. Required courses in education include EDUC 210, 220, 256, 283, 357, 398, 399, 406, 430, 469, 476, 485, and 492. Please consult the TIFT COLLEGE OF EDUCATION section of the university catalog for more detail.