Sociology Biology Double Major

Enhance Your Pre-professional Education with a Double Major in BIOLOGY & SOCIOLOGY.

A sociology class is recommended or required for many health professions including entrance to medical school.  Completing 8 additional sociology courses for a major provides further preparation for admission to programs in:
•    Medical School
•    Law School
•    Marketing/Business Administration
•    Public Health
•    Nursing
•    Criminology
•    Education
•    Social Work

A Sociology major leads to careers in many sectors of employment including nonprofits, government, and business.  Job titles for Sociology majors include:

•    Physician
•    Attorney
•    Research Director
•    Social Worker
•    Urban Planner
•    Higher Education Administration    
•    Detective/Investigator
•    Counselor
•    Teacher
•    Hospital Administrator
•    Human Resources Manager
•    Legislator

Click the link to access a pdf document outlining the course requirements and suggested schedule.