From the Dean

Dean Anita Gustafson

Welcome to Mercer University's College of Liberal Arts, a diverse and vibrant community dedicated to learning, service, and faith through the practice of intellectual curiosity, respectful dialog, and responsible citizenry.

The College's programs of study transcend the traditional domains of knowledge providing fertile ground for interdisciplinary explorations. Our core curriculum will teach you to think clearly and critically, write well, and speak persuasively. Simultaneously, you will learn about the diversity and richness of the peoples, faiths, cultures, and natural processes in the world around you.A Mercer education strives to uphold the values of personal freedom, individual responsibility, civic engagement, and community service.

With over 30 areas of study and an outstanding faculty of teacher-scholars, the College of Liberal Arts provides flexibility and depth for students to explore their interests. Our distinctive programs are among the most comprehensive in the country. Amid our great diversity of programs, we are united as a learning community where instruction and scholarship habitually transcend disciplinary boundaries;an engaged community where classroom theory is brought to bear upon world challenges;and a reflective community open to debating differing and sometimes controversial points of view to create shared understanding.

The College offers a range of unique opportunities beyond the classroom, which will enhance your learning experience. These include study abroad, Mercer on Mission, service learning, faculty-student collaborative research, the Honor's Program, internships, theatre productions, and many more possibilities.

In recent years our students have received a number of accolades and honors, including the prestigious Fulbright and Goldwater awards.Our graduates are well-prepared for careers, graduate and professional schools, and the challenges of the "real world." Moreover, the College equips you with the self-reflective habits of mind necessary for a meaningful and productive life "well lived."

I encourage you to see Mercer's College of Liberal Arts for yourself. Visit our campus in Macon, go into our classrooms, and meet the many talented faculty and students that make our college and Mercer University stand out from the rest.

Anita Olson Gustafson, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Office of the Dean
First Floor, Godsey Administrative Building
Mercer University Macon Campus

Phone: (478) 301-2915
Fax: (478) 301-2482 




What does the Dean's Office do?

The work in the Dean's Office includes the Dean of the College of Liberal Art, Dr. Anita Gustafson; two Associate Deans , Dr. Jeffrey Denny and Dr. Edward Weintraut, and two administrative assistants, Ms. Pam Benedict and Ms. Penni Hartley.

Dr. Gustafson is primarily responsible for supervising and offering guidance on matters pertaining to the governance, budget, curriculum and personnel of the College of Liberal Arts.

Dr. Denny is primarily responsible for addressing matters pertaining to course scheduling and faculty employment.

Dr. Weintraut is primarily responsible for addressing concerns or issues affecting students.

Where is the Dean's Office located?

The Dean's Office is located on the ground floor of the Administration Building.

What services does the Dean's Office offer students?

Below are some of the key services the Dean's Office provides to students.

  • Provides certificates of achievement to students on the Dean's List.
  • Identifies students to be placed on Academic Warning, Academic Probation, and Suspension.
  • Reviews requests for readmission into the College and withdrawal from courses.
  • Issues excused absences for documented and verifiable circumstances.
  • Reviews and resolves special requests, complaints, or grievances presented by students.
  • Adjudicates appeals of Honor Council decisions.
  • Upholds and enforces university and college policies on academic matters (e.g. academic deadlines; curricular requirements).
  • Reviews graduation audits for seniors.
  • Advises students on course selection or professional preparation.

Generally speaking, students should direct their concerns to Dr. Weintraut. Appointments can be arranged with his secretary, Penni Hartley, at 301-2916. If Dr. Weintraut is unavailable and the concern is critically urgent, the student should ask to consult with Dr. Denny about the matter.

Are there any questions or concerns that the Dean's Office cannot help me with? 

The Dean's Office addresses virtually all issues that affect the academic aspects of college life. One of the most common exceptions to this rule pertains to students seeking the grade of INCOMPLETE in a course; such arrangements are determined exclusively by the student and the professor of a course.

We do not and cannot offer assistance in non-academic matters.  For example, if you have questions about housing, you should contact someone in Residence Life. Questions about financial considerations should be addressed to your Financial Aid advisor or one of the counselors in the Bursar's Office. Questions about security should be addressed to the Mercer Police.